Supporting Managing Responsive Web Design VNVN CMS V2.5

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Supporting Managing Responsive Web Design VNVN CMS V2.5
VNVN CMS V2.5 has convenient features and administrative tools based on scientific and modern principles. If you already have a VNVN CMS 2.5 website, first you need to login to the “Siteadmin” to get the right of administration with the tools that only administrators can use!

01. Basic Procedure in Managing Your Webiste
02. To Upload a Top Banner to the Website
03. To Add a Category to the Webiste
04. To Create the Top Menu for the Webiste
05. To Add Category "About Us"
06. To Add the Contact Page to the Website
07. To Add an Article to the Website
08. To Insert a Picture into an Article
09. To Edit, Delete An Article
10. To Add a Category for Photos
11. To Add a Slide Show to the Website
12. To Edit, Delete a Category
13. To Add a Video Clip to the Website
14. To Edit While Viewing the Web Pages
15. To Change the Display of an Article List
16. To Change the Display of an Article
17. To Place an Advertisement on the Website
18. Display Types for Advertisements
19. How To Layout Your Homepage
20. To Show, Hide And Edit The Special Boxes
21. Search And Filter Tools In The Control Panel
22. To Setup Default Sizes For Images
23. To Insert a Video Clip Into An Article
24. To embed a Youtube Video in your Website
25. To Post a Book on Your Website
26. To Post a PDF book on the Website
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