E. Sorted by Article Rating Points

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E. Sorted by Article Rating Points

E. Sorted by Article Rating Points


1. What is the installation of sorted by article rating points?.

In the same category that has multiple articles, the administrator needs to sort the display order of articles following a certain rule to have the unified and scientific website.


Besides sorted by article titles, the number of views, or the posted date, the VNVN CMS 3.0 also supports sorting article by the rating points of viewers.


2. The order of installation

Note: To sort by article rating points, you need to install “the Rating (Postings) utility”. Tracking the instruction to install this utility at: http://cms.vnvn.com/a220/k-the-rating-postings-utility-using-points-


Step 1:  Login to the admin page.

Add the phrase “/siteadmin” after the address of VNVN CMS 3.0 news website to login to the admin page.


==> Enter your username ==> Enter your registered password ==> “Login”.

 login website

Step 2: Select the article display type in the “Sorted by” box.

Go to “Content” ==> “Categories” ==> select any available categories that belongs to the multiple article categories ==> “Display” to sort the article order.



When successfully installing “the rating (postings) utility” (see the instruction at http://cms.vnvn.com/p102a168/i-tien-ich-danh-gia-bai-viet- ), the display category box will have three sorting types:


1: Sorted by “total of points”: the system will filter the priority order based on the total rating points of users for each article.


2: Sorted by “rating counts”: the program will be based on the number of rating counts for each article, not based on the total rating points.


3: Sorted by “average points”: based on the result of total rating points/the number of rating counts for the article to sort the article orders.


Step 3: Select the article sorting order.


After selecting the article sorting type, you continue to choose the way to sorting the article:

“Ascending”: the article that displays on the top of category is the article having the lowest rating point, the other articles will display following the ascending points.


“Descending”: the article that has the highest rating point will display on the top of category and in turn displays following the descending points.


==> “Save” to complete the installation of sorted by article rating points.



Step 4: Check out the operation of utility


In the website layout ==> go to the category that installed the sorted by article rating points feature to check out.



Good luck!

For other instructions, please visit our website:


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