O. The Weblinks Utility

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O. The Weblinks Utility

 The Weblinks Utility

  1. The function of utility: allow to create pages or boxes containing links to other websites. The utility helps the website providing more extensive information to users. It creates convenience and science for users to search relative information on their website.


Step 1:  Login to the admin page.

Add the phrase “/siteadmin” after the address of VNVN CMS 3.0 news website to login to the admin



Enter your username ==> Enter your registered password ==> “Login”.

login website


Step 2: Install the utility to the website

Select “Setup” ==> “Utility” ==> “All” ==> “Plugin for Weblinks – 1.0.0” utility ==> “Free” ==> “Install” ==> “Agree”.


Step 3: Create the category containing the weblinks.

After successfully install the utility into the website, we need to create a category that contains the weblinks.

To create a weblink category, go to “Content” ==> “Weblink” ==> “Weblink Categories” ==> “Add New”.


Enter Weblink category Name that needs to add new and “Save”.

EX: Magazine, Music, Social, etc…



Step 4: Create links to other websites.

==> “Weblinks” ==> “Add new”



==> Setup links to other websites by filling the information of link into the demand boxes.


1: Weblink name: filling website name that you want to link.

2: Weblink Address: in this box, you need to paste the address of website that needs to link.

3: Optional box when users click to the link: choose “Weblink Open in New Tab” or “Weblink Open in Current Tab”.

4: (Optional) Weblink Description: you can type a short description for the link in this box.

5: Weblinl Category (these categories are created in step 3): to choose the category for website, you can choose multiple categories for a link.

6: (Optional) Weblink image that symbolizes for the site.

7: (Optional) Weblink RSS.



The link is created successfully.



Step 5: Put the newly created link into the layout.

To the link displays outside the website layout, you need to put the links into the website layout.

==> Go to “Setup” ==> “Layout” ==> add the list of links to the appropriate location of layout.


==> Fill in the display information and optional display page for the link.



==> Select “Weblink Display Tab” ==> select the weblink categories that need to add to the layout.



  1. Select the weblink categories that you want to display.

To sort the weblink categories, we click to the name of this category and drag it to the appropriate location.


2. Weblink Sorting by.

The title name of links is sorted by “A-Z”, “Z-A”, or sorted by time “Latest” or “Oldest”.

3. Setting up Weblink Column Display.

4. Setting up the items that you want to display the link on the webssite layout such as: Image, Title, RSS, Note.

==> Finally, “Save” to complete the process of installation.

Step 6: Check out the operation of utility in the website layout.

After completing these steps above, the weblink will be displayed as the categories containing the links lead to the other websites.


Wish you success!

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