A. Creating Basic Layout

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A. Creating Basic Layout

Creating Basic Layout for CMS News Website


The CMS 3.0 admin site allows you to choose and create the layout for your website. We would like to introduce some types of layout and give you instructions to install the layout for the CMS 3.0 news website.


1.      The basic page layout.

The basic layout only include 4 parts:

+ Top banner

+ Navigation bar (top menu)

+ The article content

+ Footer


The process:

Step 1: Login to “siteadmin”.

Add the phrase “/siteadmin” after the address of VNVN CMS 3.0 news website to login to the admin site.


Enter “username” ==> “password” ==> “Login”.

login website


Step 2: Create the new layout.

To setup the website layout, select “Setup” ==> “Layout”.



Select “Add new” ==> Name to the new layout ==> “Save”.



Step 3: Divide the layout.

The newly created layout only has the article content (Content), we need to create more boxes containing top banner, navigation bar and footer.

Select “Edit interface” ==> click on “+” button to divide the current layout to four rows.



==> Divide the layout to four rows.


Note: when dividing the layout, the “Content” box will move to another location, you have to move this box to the middle of page to the content can display in the appropriate location.



Step 4: Add the content to layout.

  1. Create banner and add the banner location to layout: to see the instruction, please follow the links here: http://cms.vnvn.com/a224/2-create-website-banner and http://cms.vnvn.com/a234/a-select-banner-effect-
  2. Put the “top menu” category into layout, to see the instruction, please follow the link: http://cms.vnvn.com/p203a230/b-create-top-menu
  3. Add the Copyright bar to layout, to see the instruction, please follow the link: http://cms.vnvn.com/p102a126/09-them-thanh-copyright


Step 5: Setup the basic display type for “Home” page:

Go to “Content” ==> “Categories” ==> edit the display of page in “Page layout”



In “Page layout”, select the “basic layout” that newly created.



==> The interface of basic layout display as the image below:



Good luck!

For other instructions to administrate VNVN CMS 3.0, please visit our website: http://cms.vnvn.com/p203a194/
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