2. Create Website Banner

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2. Create Website Banner

The Instruction to Creating New Banner for Website


When you have a new website, you may need a banner to make your website more attractive!

 Here are the detail instruction to create/change banner for website:


Step 1:  Login to the admin page.

Add the phrase “/siteadmin” after the address of VNVN CMS 3.0 news website to login to the admin site. 


Step 2: Login to the Overview page

Enter your username ==> Enter your registered password ==> “Login”.


login website


Step 3: After logging to General page ==> “Content” ==> “Banners/Advertisements”


Step 4: Create the advertisement position:

The advertisements and banners that using are displayed. To create a new banner, firstly you should create a “new ad zone”.

Select “Ad zone” ==> “Create Ad Zone”



Step 5: Setup information for the new “Ad zone”.

  1. The name of ad zone: directly enter the name for ad zone.
  2. Display style: Select the appropriate display style for the new banner. This will determine the display type of banner in the website layout.

In this instruction, we will select the the horizontal tiling style for banner (other display styles will be guided in detail in the next instruction).



3. Dimensions of ad space: select the dimensions of ad/banner.

Notes: when the exact size for ad zone is set, all dimensions of image that used as banner/ad will be adjusted following the installed dimensions in the ad zone. If the image is larger or smaller than the installed dimensions, the system will automatically adjust the width of image following the installed dimensions.


If the width or height is 0, the dimension in this position will automatically follow the dimensions of image. Similarly, if selecting both value are 0, the width and the height of banner will automatically adjust following the actual dimensions of image.


Ex: The selected dimensions (300 x 250)

The selected dimensions

The display dimension on website


                300 x 250

300 x 250


200 x 100

300 x 100

Smaller ==> Scale Width

500 x 500

300 x 500

Larger ==> Drop Width


If the value of width/ height is 0 ==> the dimension of this zone will automatically will be adjusted.


The selected dimensions

The display dimension on website


                300 x 250

300 x 250


200 x 100

300 x 100

Smaller ==> Scale Width

500 x 500

300 x 500

Larger ==> Drop Width


Similarly, if both width and height is 0, the banner dimensions will be displayed following the actual uploaded image.

EX: Dimensions (0 x 0)

The banner dimensions

The actual display dimensions in the website

300 x 250

300 x 250

200 x 100

200 x 100


Select the automatic banner (0 x 0)

Turn on “Activate” to display the newly created ad zone.


After setting up the options for the “new ad zone” ==> Click “Save” to complete.



Step 6: Create a new banner.

Select “Banners/Advertisements” ==> “Add new”.


Step 7: Setup the display information for the new banner/advertisement.


1. Ad name:
Enter the banner/advertisement name to the box.


2. Ad zone:
Each banner/advertisement only set on a unique zone, the dimensions of ad will be based on the dimensions of this zone.

Click on the “Display Zone” ==> select the newly create ad zone.


3. The order of Appearance
: this box is used to sort the order of banner appearance when you select multiple banners in the same zone. (With the ad zone that only use one banner, you do not need to change the order of appearance).

Turn on “Activate”



==> Click “Save” to complete the settings of banner information.



Step 8: Create the Content (upload image) for the new banner.

The image dimensions of banner will be adjusted in the chosen “Ad zone”. However, with the image that is set as the main banner in Homepage, the dimension must be more than 1000px x 150px.


To facilitate to the process of creating banner, you need to prepare an image with dimensions 1000px x 150px and upload the image to the website resource.

See the instruction to upload image to website resource at  http://cms.vnvn.com/a240/5-upload-image-to-resource-directory


Select the banner image:


Go to “Content” ==> Click on “Insert” tool ==> “Insert/edit image”



Select the image that needs to upload ==> “Insert” to upload the banner content.



The image dimensions usually change, do not forget to check and customize to the original dimensions.


“Save” the image.


Step 9: Setup “Advance” for banner.



1. The date started: specify the date started of banner. If you choose “Not Set”, the banner will be displayed instantly.


2. The display language: for the website that has at least two languages, the banner only displays in the page having the installed language. Select “All languages”, banner will display in all pages.


3. Display function: Setup the display function for website banner.


+ AJAX: after the website content is loaded completely ==> the banner will be displayed.

+ Direct display: Banner will be displayed constantly along with the website content!

+ IFAME: The banner/advertisement content is uploaded to an independent box and not affected by the changing of external content.


  1. Date ended: Specify the date ended for banner.

If you select “Not set”, the banner will be displayed permanently.


  1. Categories this ad will be displayed: setup “all pages” for banner.

+ Banner only display on the pages that installed in this box.


==> “Save” to complete.



Step 10: Set the ad zone to the website layout.

Select “Layout” ==> “Create ad zone” ==> select the ad zone that contains Banner.



The ad zone that contains banner is added to the layout ==> move banner to the appropriate position.


Website is updated the vertical banner type.



Good Luck!

For other instructions, please visit our website: 

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