K.The Rating (Postings) Utility Using Points.

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K.The Rating (Postings) Utility Using Points.

The Rating (Postings) Utility Using Points.

1. The function of utility: allow users to evaluate the quality of articles by using points. To refer the evaluation of website content quality from users, administrators need to install the utility which allows users to evaluate (to mark) the article on a scale from low to high points. Thereby, you can learn about tastes and interests in using website of users. Besides, the utility is also a premise to build the website with better content and more attraction.

2. The operation of utility: After installing the utility successfully, a rating score for users rating the article will be displayed outside the website layout.


The order of utility installation


Step 1:  Login to the admin page.

Add the phrase “/siteadmin” after the address of VNVN CMS 3.0 news website to login to the admin page.


Step 2: Login to the Overview page

Enter your username ==> Enter your registered password ==> “Login”.

 login website

Step 3: Install the utility to the website

Select “Setup” ==> “Utility” ==> “All” ==> “Plug-in for rating (postings) – 1.0.0” utility ==> “Free” ==> “Install” ==> “Agree”.


Step 4: Setting up “Rating” rule.


After successfully installing the utility into the website, in the “Article” section will display the “Rating” box, in which you can setup for the “Rating” box.


Select “Content” ==> “Rating”


 ==> Default Rule: allows to show Rating box for all website pages.

You can disable this rule by turning off or editing the display, or creating a new rule for the Rating box.


Step 5: Setup the Rating rule.


Select “Add New” ==> setup the settings for the Rating tool.




1: Named to the Rating rule.

2: Display position: setup the position (at the top or bottom of article) that the Rating box will display on the website.

3: Rating score

Select a rating score displaying in the Rating box.

4: Setup the “Resulted rating for each posting”, following how many days the article was published.

By choosing “0”, you do not define the time. The article will be evaluated after publishing.

5: Select “Start date/End date (of a rating period)”

No setting up means no litmited time to evaluate the article.

6: Activate:

Activate: the rule only works when the Activate button turned ‘On’.

7: Define what pages are applied by the rule.

 8: Define what member groups are applied by the rule.



==> Click “Save” to complete setting up for the new rule!


Step 6: Change the position of rules.

The rules will be prioritized from the top to the bottom. If a page is added to many rules, the highest rule will be valid for that page!


==> You can change the order of priority rules by moving Up/Down to the rules.


After installing the tool successfully, outside the website layout will display the Rating box.


Wish you success!

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