A. Edit Category

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A. Edit Category
Edit the Category for Website


In the previous instruction, we practiced to add a new category for website. To setup the more detail settings for website, please practicing to edit the newly created category for website.


The instructions below apply to the category that belongs to the type of multiple article category.


Step 1: Select the page that needs to edit.

Add the phrase “/siteadmin” after the address of VNVN CMS 3.0 news website to login to the admin site.


Enter “username” ==> “password” ==> “Login”.

login website

After logging to the General page, go to “Categories” and then select the category which needs to edit.

 Create a New Category 2

==> In the list of website “Categories”, select the category that needs to edit.

To edit, you can directly click on the display name of category or select the “Edit” symbol (on the right of category)



Step 2: Edit the title of page.

After clicking on the category, firstly you will see the basic settings of title that  include:


1. The avatar of category: Click directly on the avatar box and select the replacement image (the manipulation is similar to uploading the avatar of category in the previous instruction). Note: the avatar sizes that permitted are 16x16 or 24x24.


2. The page title: edit directly in the “Title” box.


 3. Summary: the summary will display under the category title on the list of categories of the website.


To edit the short summary, you directly edit in the “Summary” box.



4. Re-select the page type for the category: Edit the page type for the category (To see the function of each page, read more details in the previous instruction.


Click on the “Page type” ==> select the type which needs to change ==> “Apply” to complete replacing the page type.



5. Change the parent branch: to select the new parent branch (the main branch) for the category that needs to edit, we click on the parent branch and choose the replacement branch following the purpose of using.

EX: The category is in the top menu and the parent branch is Top Menu , we can change the category to the side menu and the parent branch is Home.


6. Change the page layout: (see the instruction to create the category on the website to know the appropriate page layout for your category).


7.  Set as homepage: Select “On” if you want the category becoming a homepage.


After changing the displays that need to edit ==> “Save” to complete editing.



Step 3: Edit the display of category

The “Display” of page includes:



1. The display type of article list: select the display type of articles in the category that needs to edit.



-         The “List” type ==> appropriate to displaying news in one column form.


-         The “Thumbnail image” ==> appropriate to displaying the large avatar and multiple columns.


2. The number of columns display the contents on page: option.

EX: Select the number of display columns: 2 columns



  • 3.      Turning On/Off the list of news/articles in the same page when the article content is viewed in detail.


4.      Paginate the news/article content on “Categories”

 The option help to paginate the article contents following the logical order and easy to monitor. The Pagination type includes:


- Don’t show pagination: only display a single page.


-         Simple Pagination: display “next-back” buttons to go to the next page or back to the previous page.


-         Full Pagination: allows to display the total pages, next – page buttons, some pages is viewed, etc…


-         Scroll: when the user scroll to the bottom of page, the news automatically will be loaded.


5. The news/articles display in “Category”: option


6. Setup the display order of news in the category.



7.      Customize the avatar size of news displaying in “Category”.



8. Turn on tooltips (note) when move the mouse to the article title.


9. Show
: customize the display order of information parts.

Manipulation: Click and keep the mouse to drag and drop the arrangement order.

Select On/Off to displaying no hidden parts of news.


After customizing all settings for “Category” ==> “Save” to complete editing “Display”.



Step 3: Customize “Details” for “Category

Turn on the necessary for “Category” ==> “Save” to complete the settings for Category.


 Tracking the instruction to creating category for website at: http://cms.vnvn.com/p203a226/3-create-a-new-category-menu-

For other instructions to administrate VNVN CMS 3.0, please visit our website:



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