3. Create a New Category (Menu)

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3. Create a New Category (Menu)

The Instruction to Creating Categories for Website     


Category is understood as the General page that has the contents following the same main topic on the website.


These categories create the structure of website, when you have a new website, creating the necessary categories is very important. Sorting these categories scientifically and following the logical sequence will help your website more attractive and convenient for website administration.


 1.      Find out the structure of website “Category” list.

Login to the admin site.

Add the phrase “/siteadmin” after the address of VNVN CMS 3.0 news website to login to the admin site. 


Login to the General page.

Enter “Username” ==> “Password” ==> “Login”.

login website


After login to the General page, go to “Categories” to see some available categories.

Create a New Category 2

 The category system that available on the website will display.

 Create a New Category 3

1.1  The category filter: help to search and classify the website categories.

The category filter includes:

 Create a New Category 4


1.2  The list of categories: the categories display depending on the filter mode.

EX: you select the display of categories: Group: Top menu – Parent branch: Viet Nam

Create a New Category 5


1.3  Change the order of the same level categories.

EX: the “Introduce” and “News” categories are the the first level, so you can change the display position to each other.

Create a New Category 6

1.4  Edit/ Delete category: the toolbar allows to edit and delete category (Editing category will be instructed separately)

2.      Guide to create a new category for website.

Step 1: Select “Add new” to create a new category.

Create a New Category 7


Step 2: Named to the title/ summary for Category.

Directly enter the “Category Title” and “Summary” to the empty box.

Create a New Category 8

Step 3: Setup the Page Type for Category

Click on Page type and select the page layout for category.

Create a New Category 9

The page types include:

Blank page: is the page type following the layout but no content. This type is usually used as a homepage or the pages that aggregate the contents from other sites.

HTML page: this page only needs when the administrator needs the categories having the special design by HTML tool. You have to understand clearly about using HTML.

Page link: contains the links leading to another page in the website or other websites.

Single article category: the type follows the layout and the content in the middle of page. This type is usually used as “about us” page, contact.

Multiple article category: the type follows the layout and can add many articles to this page. This type is used as a news site, products site or services site, etc…


Select the appropriate page for your new category:       

Create a New Category 10


Step 4: Choose the Parent branch for category.

Select the main branch to add a new folder that follows the display position and the using purpose of administrator.

The category group includes: Top menu – Side menu – Bottom menu – Hidden menu – Menu for cell phones – Menu for Tablet Computers… and each category group includes different branches.


Select the display position for the new category ==> Click on (+) symbol of category to choose the parent branch!

Create a New Category 11

After setting up the Parent branch ==> turn on “Enable” for the new category!

 Create a New Category 12


After setting up for the chosen category ==> “Save” to complete.

Create a New Category 13

“Save” the category in 2 positions: (1) or (2).


Step 5: Select the layout for category.

After saving the information for the new category, these categories “Page link, Set as homepage, Page layout” will be displayed to setup.


  • Link Page
  • Page layout: the main layout is the interface displaying the page content.

==> Select the layout for category:

The category layout includes: Homepage Interface, Common Interface, English Homepage Interface.

Create a New Category 14

If you want to know the interface type of each page layout, open a new tab to see the differences between these types of layout.


Click on “Setup” ==> right click on “Layout” ==> “Open link in new tab”.

Create a New Category 15



==> Common interface

Create a New Category 16


==> Select the suitable page layout for the new category.

Create a New Category 17


Set as homepage: Select “On”/ “Off” to quickly setup the new category as the website homepage.


Step 6: “Save” to complete creating “Category”

Create a New Category 18


The category is created successfully outside the website layout.

Create a New Category 19

 These above are the basic instruction to creating a new “Category” for CMS 3.0 website.

Tracking the instruction to edit “Category” at: http://cms.vnvn.com/p102a110/3a-chinh-sua-danh-muc

Good Luck!

Please continue tracking other instructions at:


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