R. Advertisements Counter Utility

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R. Advertisements Counter Utility

Advertisements Counter Utility


1. The function of utility: allow administrators to monitor the number of advertisement times in the website and the number of user clicks on the ad content. The utility helps administrators to update the various ads on the site efficently, so you can adjust the advertising content appropriating to viewers’ taste.

2. The operation of utility: After successfully installing the Advertisements Counter utility into the website, in the “Baner/Advertisements” item will have an extra column that displays “View” and “Click” times (ie the number of ad display times and the number of user clicks to the ads directly.


3.      The order of utility installation


Step 1:  Login to the admin page.

 Add the phrase “/siteadmin” after the address of VNVN CMS 3.0 news website to login to the admin page ==> Enter your username ==> Enter your password ==> “Login” 


Step 2: Login to the Overview page.

Enter your username ==> Enter your registered password ==> “Login”.

 login website


Step 3: Install the utility to the website

Select “Settings” ==> “Utility” ==> “All” ==> install “Advertisements Counter – 1.0.0” utility ==> “Free” ==> “Install” ==> “Agree”.


Step 4: Check out the operation of utility.

After successfully installing the utility into the website. To track the number of users viewing ads and the number of display ads, go to “Content” ==> “Banner/Advertisements” ==> in the list of Banner/Advertisements will display the number of “View” times and the number of “Click” times.



Good Luck!

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