B. Create Top menu

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B. Create Top menu

The Instruction to Creating Top Menu for Website


In the previous instructions, we have known how to creating banner and layout for website!

With the newly created layout, along with creating banner, we also need to create other display components! Today, we will practice to creating top menu for website.


Here are the instruction to creat the top menu with the simple layout.



Step 1: In the containing box that need to create top menu, select (+) symbol ==> “Menu” ==> “Add”.



Step 2: Setup some basic settings for top menu

The basic instructions include:



1. Name: Named to the category to distinguish with the different menus.

The menu that needs to create is “Top menu”.

 ==> Enter the name directly into the empty box.



2. Menu type: Select the menu type for menu! With top menu, we select “Horizontal Menu”.


3. Child branches: selecting the child branches means selecting the category displaying in Top Menu.



  • 4. The number of levels: after selecting the child branches, with the category including many number of levels, we need to choose which number of levels is allowed to display directly in Top menu.



The first branch in the Home category following the sample instruction site includes:



These number of levels will display in the newly created Top Menu!


5. Activate: the Menu only displays when you turning on “Activate”.



6. Customize “Display on all pages”: Select the pages that top menu can display! With Top menu, you should select “All pages”



Note: the other settings such as HTML ID (the attribute of widget outside the layout, Css Class (customize Css Class), Inline Style Sheets. These settings are only reserved for the administrators who have knowledge about HTML and CSS.


Step 3: “Save” the newly created menu!



The created layout has banner and top menu!


Top menu is displayed.


 Good Luck!

For other instructions, please visit our website: http://cms.vnvn.com/p203a194/
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