A. The Sorted By Number of Views Utility

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A. The Sorted By Number of Views Utility

The Instruction To Sort Articles By Number of Views

1.The function of utility: the utility help put the articles having the high number of views on the top of page. Along with other utilities such as sorted by time, sorted by title, etc… These utilities help the website content system following the order as the administrator wants.

2. The operation of utility: After installing the utility and setting up the sorted by number of views feature, the articles that have high viewership rating will be pushed to the top automatically, not related to the posting time.

3. The order of installation.


Step 1:  Login to the admin page.

Add the phrase “/siteadmin” after the address of VNVN CMS 3.0 news website to login to the admin page .

Step 2: Login to the Overview page.

 Enter your username ==> Enter your registered password ==> “Login”.

login website 


Step 3: Install the utility into the website.

Select “Settings” ==> “Utility” ==> “All” ==> “Sorted by number of views – 1.0.0” utility ==> “Free” ==> “Install” ==> “Agree”.


 Step 4: Check out the operation of utility.


After installing the utility successfully, if you want the articles on any pages displaying based on the number of views, you need to reset the display for that page.

==> Go to “Content” ==> “Categories” ==> choose any categories ==> “Display” to setup the display type of post follow the rate of viewers.





Step 5: Check out the operation of utility.

The article of page which is displayed following the number of views will be showed from the top to the bottom according to the declining views.


Good luck!

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