F. Plugin For Search Function

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F. Plugin For Search Function

Plugin For Search Function


1. Function: This utility allows users to search for articles on the website quickly based on filter-article tool by keywords. When the utility is installed on the site, each article will show the searching tool box, users can type the keyword to search.


The article which has title, content containing keyword will be searched and displayed automatically by the system.


2. Operation of the utility: When you type a keyword in the search box, the system will display the articles that contain the searched word, the keyword will be highlighted in the searching data.


 3. The installing process:


Step 1: Login to the admin page.


Add the phrase “/siteadmin” after the address of VNVN CMS 3.0 news website to login to the admin page.



Step 2: Login to the Overview page.


Enter your username ==> Enter your registered password ==> “Login”.

 login website


Step 3: Install the utility to the website.

Select “Settings” --> “Utilities” --> “All” --> “Add” Searching utility.


 Step 4: Adding Search box into the website layout.


After installing the utility into the website, you need to create a Search box outside the layout for users.


==>Select “Settings” ==> “Layout” ==> Select the type of layout to installation utility (if your website has many types of layouts).


==> Select “Dividing layout” ==> create the frame containing Search tool (Search box is usually located to the right of topmenu website)


(To see more dividing website layout instructions, please visit our link:

http://giupdo.avdtv.net/p102a108/04-chia-bo-cuc-website )


Step 5: Add Search box to the layout position has been divided.


==> Select a few symbols sign (+) ==> add “Search box”


==> Name for Search box ==> choose Display page for Search box ==> “Save” to complete installing the utility.


Step 6: Check out the operation of utility.


After the Search box is completely added, you will see the Content Article Searching utility outside the layout.


Good Luck!

For other instructions, please visit our link:

http://cms.vnvn.com/p203a194/ a-edit-the-article-content  to improve your VNVN CMS 3.0 website.

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