H. Akismet Utility

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H. Akismet Utility

Akismet Utility

1. The function of utility:
the utility allows to use the automatic spam filtering service of http://akismet.com/plans/

2. The operation of utility: when users send articles and comments on the website, the content will be submitted to Akismet service to determine whether it is spam or not? And notice if it is spam content or automatically delete it.

3. The order of utility installation.

Step 1: Register to an account in Akismet page.

Visit http://akismet.com/plans/ ==> If your website is not a commercial website, you can use Personal package, this is the free package (or choose different packages depending on the demand of each website).



==> Enter the email, username, password to register ==> Sign up



Next, drag the “Yearly Contribution” to $0.00/yr.



The successful registration page will appear with an API key chain ==> Copy and save this chain to install into your website.


Step 2: Login to Overview page.

Login to the admin page. Add the phrase “/siteadmin” after the address of VNVN CMS 3.0 news website to login to the admin page.


==> Login to Overview page

Enter your username ==> Enter your registered password ==> “Login”.
login website


Step 3: Install the “Akismet” utility into the website.

Select “Settings” ==> “Utility” ==> “All” ==> install “Akismet – 1.0.0” utility ==> “Free” ==> “Install” ==> “Agree”.


Step 4: Link the website to http://akismet.com/ page by using registered API key chain.

==> Select the list of installed utility ==> select the “edit” button of Akismet utility.



==> Paste the granted API key chain to “Akismet API Key” box ==> Select “On” or “Off” at “Plug-in to delete SPAM content automatically” box ==> “Save” to complete.


 Step 5: Check out the operation of utility.

If you turn on “Plug-in to delete SPAM content automatically” button, the utility will automatically delete the comment content of users if it is determined to be spam content.

In case if you turn off “Plug-in to delete SPAM content automatically” button, the system will display a spam notification on the user comment that sent into the article comments box in the website.


Good luck!

For other instructions, please visit our website: 

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