D. Left Column + Content + Right Column

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D. Left Column + Content + Right Column

The Instruction to Create Website Layout with Left Column (Left Menu) and Right Column (Right Menu)


Creating this layout includes six parts:

  • Banner (top banner)
  • Navigation bar (top menu)
  • Left column (left menu)
  • The article content (content)
  • Right column (right menu)
  • Footer


The order of execution

Step 1: Login to the admin site


Add the phrase “/siteadmin” after the address of VNVN CMS 3.0 news website to login to the admin site. 


==> Login to the General page.

Enter your username ==> Enter your registered password ==> “Login”.


login website


Step 2: Create a new layout.


To setup the layout of website interface, go to “Setup” ==> “Layout”



==> Select “Add new”==> Named to the new layout ==> “Save”



Step 3: Divide the layout.


Select “Edit Interface” ==> click on “+” button to divide the layout into four rows, in the Content box, creating a column to contain left menu and right menu.



==> Divide the layout into 04 rows and 02 columns (contain the right menu and the left menu), the orders of row – column division follow the instruction image below (1-6).

Note: When creating layout, the “Content” box will move to another location, you need to move it to the middle of page to display in the appropriate location.



Step 4: Add contents to the layout.


Step 5: Customize the display type with the right column for “Home” page.

Go to “Content” ==> “Categories” ==> edit the display for “Home” page.



Select “Left and Right Menu Layout” (the layout has been named in step 3) ==> “Save”



The layout with the Right menu displays in Homepage.



Good Luck!

 For other instructions, please visit our website:


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