9. The Instruction to Create Vertical Banners

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9. The Instruction to Create Vertical Banners

The Instruction to Create Vertical Banners

The use of utility.

Vertical banner is one of the advertising effects on the website. The display content can be image or text (usually is notification, news summary, contact information, etc…) that installed to run vertically. The display zone is installed on the top or the bottom of left (right) category at the website home page.


II. Installation.

Step 1: Login to the admin site

Add the phrase “/siteadmin” after the address of VNVN CMS 3.0 news website to login to the admin site. 


Login to the General page.

Enter “Username” ==> “Password” ==> “Login”.

login website


Step 2: Select  “Content” ==> “Banners/Advertisements”.



Step 3: Select “Ad Zone” ==> “Create Ad Zone”.



Step 4: Setup for the new banner.



  1. Named to the ad zone.
  2. Select the ad display style

==> Click to the list of ad display style ==> “Vertical Scroll


3. Dimension of Ad space (W x H)

Select the value of 0 at Dimension of Ad space, the Ad dimension will be automatically adjusted by the system.

4. Select “On” at “Enable” item.

==> The ad zone only works when turning on “Enable” item.

      ==> “Save” to complete setting up.



Step 5 : Setup “Effect” for ad zone.


After setting up “Info” category completely, select “Effect” category and setup the effect of ad zone.



1. Select “Crawl continuously” effect (images/texts changing continuously) or “Push” (images/texts alternately display in a certain time).


2. Time duration: customize the time duration of ad content (decide the level of banner mobility: slow/fast).
3. The Effect speed - the display time of image/text in the banner (a banner has many images and texts): only changing this value when choosing “Push” effect.
4. Pause when mouse is over: select “On” at this box when moving mouse to ad zone, the banner will stop moving.
5. Height: limit the display height for banner.

==> The usually chosen height: 250px – 300px.

==> “Save” the “Effect”.



Step 6: Select “Banners/Advertisements” ==> “Add new”.

Create the ad content that displays in the newly created ad zone.



Step 7: Setting up information for advertising.


  1. Named to new advertising.
  2. Select the position to place ad.

==> Select the ad zone that created in step 2.

3. “Enable”

==> The advertising only works when turning on “Enable” item.

4. “Save” to complete setting up for new advertising.


Step 8: Upload the content of new advertising.

==> Select “content” ==> select the image or text files that need to run on the banner.


 1. With the image banner: upload images from the personal files to the ad content.

==> To edit the size or image positions after uploading images into the content ==> click directly on the image, the photo editing tool will display.

==> “Save” to complete.


2. With the text banner that has a text content, you just need to type directly or copy and paste to the content box.


Step 9
: Install the banner to the website layout.



==> Select “Setup” ==> “Layout” ==> “Homepage Interface”

==> Select the placement to add “Banner” ==> Select “Create Ad Zone” ==> “Add” the created banner box.


==> The ad zone is added successfully at the website layout.



==> The banner displays in the website layout successfully.


Good Luck!

For other instructions, please visit our website: http://cms.vnvn.com/p203a194/a-edit-the-article-content

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