D. Insert Video from Service Pages to Article

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D. Insert Video from Service Pages to Article

Insert Video from Service Pages to Article

This post will give you instructions to insert a video from the sites: Youtube, Video and Dailymotion into the article of CMS 3.0 website.

Step 1: Login to Site Admin ==> Login to the “General” page ==> “Articles” ==> select the article that needs to edit.


Add the phrase “/siteadmin” after the address of VNVN CMS 3.0 news website to login to the admin site.


==> Enter username ==> Password ==> Login.

login website


After logging to the General page ==> “Articles” ==> select the article that needs to edit ==> directly choose the article or the “edit” symbol on the right of article title.


Step 2: Go to the “Content” of article to edit.



Step 3: Click on “Insert” tool ==> “Media”

At that time, the box containing Video URL to insert to the article will display.



Step 4: Copy Video URL from sharing site containing your video.

To have the video URL that needs to insert to article, you open a new tab to access to video sharing site (in this instruction, we use Youtube) ==> Copy the desired video URL.



Paste the video URL to “Media URL” box ==> customize dimensions and other settings for video ==> “Insert”.



Some basic settings include:

Media type: select “video”

Dimensions: customize the video display dimensions in the article.


: Select if you want the video automatically playing when the article opened (do not need to choose Play on the video).

Loop: Select if you want the audio automatically repeating during the article opened.

Alignment: the display location of video on the article (left – center - right).

Margin: select the distances (top – bottom) between video and text on the article


Step 5: “Save” to update video to article.




Video displays on the article successfully.

See more instructions to upload video to Resource at http://cms.vnvn.com/a241/b-upload-audio-to-resource-directory

For other instructions, please visit our website:


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