A. Upload Audio to Resource Directory

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A. Upload Audio to Resource Directory

Upload Audio to Resource Directory


The articles on the website usually have the resources such as images, audios or videos, etc… To upload an audio or video to the article, firstly you should upload it to the “Resource” directory of website.

1.      Upload audio to Resource directory

Step 1: Login to the General page (all activities to upload resources is only done by administrators).


Add the phrase “/siteadmin” after the address of VNVN CMS 3.0 news website to login to the admin site.


==> Enter username ==> Password ==> Login.

login website


Step 2: Select the folder to store Audio on the website!

After successfully login to General page, select the Resource directory

Select Resource in the position (1) or (2) ==> “Media” (the folder stores audio/video).


Step 3
: Upload audio to Media folder.

In the Media folder including: Audio and Video ==> select the audio that you want to store.



Step 4: Upload a new audio to Resource.

You can select to creat the folder containing audios (to help easy to manage resource) or upload them directly outside the Audio folder.

 4.1. Create a new audio.

In the “Action” tool ==> “New folder” ==> Named to the new folder (to manage resources effectively, you should name to the folder following the topic such as: the displayed name/the article title or following the Date posted).



Click on the newly created folder ==> “Upload” in these positions (1) (2) (3) as the image below == > select files to upload.




4.2. Directly upload audios in Audio folder (do not create a new folder)

“Upload” audio in these positions (1) (2) (3) as the image below == > select “+” button that links to the audio you want to upload to Resource.



Step 5: Upload the audio (the order execution is similar to the way to upload audio directly or creating the audio folder).

Select the audio that needs to upload ==> “Open” ==> “Start uploading”.




Good Luck!

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